Auto-Scheduler - The Next Generation of Scheduling
Automatic scheduling of qualified applicants
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Automated scheduling is the starting point for better staffing

Hiring is vital to a company's long-term success. But the entire process can break down before it even starts, if your scheduling system doesn't efficiently bring in the people you need.

The Auto-Scheduler can do that for you, ensuring that:
  • You have a large pipeline of qualified applicants
  • Applicants are available to meet on your schedule
  • Automated Reminders reduce amount of no-shows
  • Automated Re-engagement ensures that the applicants on your "short list" have the highest probability of self-scheduling now or in the future

Scheduling interviews is much more than just filling time slots. The Auto-Scheduler ensures that you get the right people in the door, when you want them.

Auto-Scheduler speeds up and simplifies the Applicant-to-Hire process.
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