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Auto-Scheduler: Automates the entire scheduling process

Manual scheduling is inefficient and expensive

The manual scheduling process is inconsistent and fraught with problems, delays, and inefficiencies. If done manually, you deal with advertising, phone calls, leaving and retrieving messages and reviewing resumes. Then, after setting aside an entire day for meetings, half of your candidates don't even show up. There is a better way.


Auto-Scheduler eliminates inefficiencies!

Reviewing resumes early in the process may be unnecessary. The Auto-Scheduler, will automatically search through millions of Online candidates to find the right one that meets your requirements.


Phone Calls can be a time-waster. Why spend inefficient time on the phone with unqualified or uninterested applicants when the Auto-Scheduler can automate this entire process utilizing a proven and easy technology.


The Auto-Scheduler can invite, assess, confirm, remind, and excite qualified applicants to show-up for the interview they self-schedule. This will allow you to spend more time interviewing qualified applicants and less time with the cumbersome scheduling process.


The Auto-Scheduler system:

  • Saves you time and money finding and scheduling qualified applicants
  • Increases the percentage of applicants who show up for their appointments
  • Gives recruiters and hiring managers more time to spend with qualified applicants
  • Delivers qualified applicants, on time and excited about working for your company


  • Fast and easy
  • Cost-effective
  • Proven successful
  • Great for short notice
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Less no-shows

Consider This...

The Auto Scheduler allows you to spend less time scheduling and more time interviewing qualified applicants.

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