The Auto-Scheduler: Provides custom assessments

The Auto-Scheduler provides customized auto-assessments that will identify which job-seekers meet your minimum criteria for an interview. Only job-seekers that meet your criteria will be invited to auto-schedule for an interview. Once the self-scheduling is complete, you will be able to target your manpower on these most qualified applicants.


We will build you a custom assessment that considers the specific attributes your company looks for during the initial screening of resumes and applicant databases. We will automate the process of eliminating unqualified applicants. You will be impressed at how accurately we match your recruiter’s decision-making process. This automation will allow you to be more consistent and cost-effective in identifying the most qualified applicants to interview.


Auto-assessments cost effectively make sure you are fishing in an applicant pond that does not contain unqualified applicants.

Our customized assessments will allow you to eliminate between 20-60% of total applicants, because they do not meet your minimum criteria. The less time you spend with these unqualified applicants – the more time you will spend with qualified applicants.


  • Fast and easy
  • Cost-effective
  • Proven successful
  • Great for short notice
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Less no-shows

Consider This...

Auto-Assessments allow for the most cost-effective and consistent process to eliminate non-qualified applicants from your recruiting process.

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