The Auto-Scheduler: Fills interview slots and so much more

The Auto-Scheduler will benefit your company immediately in many ways.

  • Fast and easy. The Auto-Scheduler is easy for any non-IT personnel or hiring manager to use.
  • Cost-effective. The Auto-Scheduler saves time and money by dramatically reducing manpower requirements.
  • Flexible and customizable. As a customizable, software-as-a-service offering, The Auto-Scheduler can be customized to meet your very specific needs, including reports, and invites and reminders which are all customized to reflect your own company's brand and offering.
  • Great for short notice. The Auto-Scheduler can be turned on immediately and works 24-hours per day. Nights and weekends are no problem for The Auto-Scheduler which may be the best time for applicants.
  • Schedule large numbers of applicants. Scheduling hundreds of applicants for interviews can be a logistical nightmare. The Auto-Scheduler makes it simple by streamlining the process, eliminating choke-points, and implementing an efficient self-scheduling mechanism that takes the scheduling burden off of you and your employees.
  • More time on interviews and less on scheduling. You will spend more time talking with good candidates, and less time on the time consuming scheduling process!
  • Re-engagement. The Auto-Scheduler is very useful for re-engaging applicants that had shown interest previously, and are likely to still have an interest in your career opportunities.
  • Proven successful. The Auto-Scheduler was created by Instant Evaluate, a software-as-service provider since 1996. We successfully serve some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world, helping them to streamline processes, saving time and money while delivering incredible results.

The Auto-Scheduler is the best solution for automated-scheduling!


The Auto-Scheduler Delivers:

  • Qualified Applicants
  • Confirmed Interviews
  • Applicant Enthusiasm
  • Less No-Shows

Consider This...

The Auto-Scheduler cost-effectively speeds up the Recruit to Hire process.

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