How The Auto-Scheduler Works

The Auto-Scheduler: Improving the scheduling process from start to finish

If you've ever done your own scheduling, you know that there's a lot more to it than just filling time slots. There are several sporadic steps in the process that are not easily handled manually. However, the scheduling process is very well suited for automation.


The Auto-Scheduler automates every step of the process:


  1. Tell the Auto-Scheduler how many candidates you want to interview and what qualifications they should have.
  2. Tell the Auto-Scheduler what times you want to conduct these interviews.
  3. The Auto-scheduler will build a list of qualified applicants that are added to your applicant database.
  4. Qualified applicants are invited to auto-schedule an interview from your available schedule (you may include an assessment prior to inviting an auto-schedule).
  5. Applicants that are invited are made to feel special, while they learn about the benefits and requirements of your career opportunity.
  6. After auto-scheduling, the applicant receives an email confirmation and more enticing info about the career opportunity.
  7. Applicants are reminded prior to an appointment and asked to confirm, re-schedule or cancel.
  8. You are provided an up-to-date schedule of interviews (email and Online).


The Auto-Scheduler Delivers:

  • Qualified Applicants
  • Confirmed Interviews
  • Applicant Enthusiasm
  • Less No-Shows

Consider This...

The Auto-Scheduler is the most efficient and cost-effective method to schedule high-volumes of interviews of qualified applicants.

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